up rising vol.13

26 May – “up rising vol.13” at Nishiogikubo Pitbar
w/ Falling Down,Guillotine Terror,Leviasun,Snatcher,Die You Bastard!


next gig

17 Mar. – Perseverance presents “born from impossible” at Nishiogikubo Pitbar
w/ FxOxH,Lardass,Silence For A Judgement,Umeboshi Boys,殺助,Perseverance


Upcoming gigs

16 Sept. – Akiko presents “胎動” at Shinjyuku Science
w/ 兀突骨,The Rabies,Hell Dump,Lrdass,Beast Makes Me a Ghost

22 Sept. – Retribute Records presents “survival of the sickest vol.2” at Shinjyuku Nine Spices
w/ Bounskam,Sheild,Tolall,Dominate,Evils Of War,World Of Pain(US)



Upcoming gigs

3 Sept. – Diktator presents “savage slap summit vol.2” at Sendai Birdland

w/ Tiger,Break Of Chain,December Everyday,Mirrors,Vice City Slave,Isola,Diktator


23 Sept. – Retribute Records presents “survival of the sickest vol.1” at The Game

w/ Lifeless(US),Deacon,Canopus,Tolall,Midgardsorm,Secondlow,Horsehead Nebula




upcoming gigs

9 Jul – “No Zodiac Japan tour 2016” at Shinmatsudo Firebird
w/ Another Step,BOTC,R.O.L.A.,The Dust Of Society,Miles Away,Ill Mostro

31 Jul – “Legion To Kill Japan tour 2016” at Tokyo Otsuka Meets
w/ Another Step,A Victim Of Blackboard Eraser,Ill Mostro,Alive Like The Frame,Iris In Desert



Extreme Mad Terror

7 May – “extreme mad terror” at Shinmatsudo Firebird

w/ Macarble,Secondarms,Falling Down,Stinger,FxOxH,Violencia,Perseverance

upcoming gigs

1 Apr – “Caboose April show 2016” at Club Science
w/ Dooms Of Ghetto,Secondlow,Jailbreak,Mirrors,Sable Hills



30 Apr – “intifada” at Shibuya Game
w/ Bounskam,Cavadres,Jailbreak,Persona Non Grata,Resentment,Shut Your Mouth,Sworn To Secrecy

Scar Of The Riot vol.2.5 and Footprint

20 Dec – “scar of the riot vol.2.5” at Tachikawa Babel
w/ Anti.D.Tribe,Blindside,Horsehead Nebula,Ilias,Spiritualgame,and more



27 Dec – “footprint” at Yokohama B.B street
w/ Bayonets,Community Trust,Dominate,Eternal B,Fight It Up,Persona Non Grata,Secondarms,The Victory


upcoming gigs

10 Oct – Tachikawa Babel
“what the fuck! Asia tour 2015”
Rise Of The Northstar (Fr)/Blindside/Victim Of Deception/Cherish/Super Six/Secondlow/Scene

IMG_1891 (3)


24 Oct – Nishiogikbo Pitbar
“up rising vol.6”
Cherish/Stir Up Shit/Secondarms/Creep Out/At One Stroke/Falling Down

IMG_1568 (2)

In Other Climes Japan tour 2015

21 Sept – Shinmatsudo Firebird
In Other Climes,Cherish,Another Step,Jailbreak,Violencia and more

23 Sept – Shinjuku Antiknock
w/First Blood,Hundredth,In Other Climes,Loyal To The Grave,Goodfellowz,Deliverance,Otus,Cherish,Secondlow



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